A Concrete Random Box

I LOVE personality books, tests … you name it I love it.  Some might say it is an unhealthy obsession (nah).  I still remember the first time I took a personality test, the Myers-Brigg.  We were at a OMF conference in Taiwan and I was probably in sixth grade.  My Dad must have been giving the test to other missionaries there and I ask if I could take it too.  With a warning that it might not be very accurate since I was young he let me take it.  The result said I was ISFJ.  Today I am an ISTJ.

Since then I have taken so many different kinds of personality tests.  One of my favorites is pyscho-geometrics because of its simplicity.  I am a proud box.  My mom is a box.  Kiki  too.  Lulu and my sister are circles.  My Dad is a squiggle.  My hubby is a box as well.  What is fascinating is how different tests reveal different parts of your personality. Even though my hubby and I are both boxes, when you test us against the Gregorc Model we come up very different.

Several weeks ago my MOPS table mentor mom suggested a book, “The Way They Learn” by Cynthia Tobias.  I have read many personality books but had never heard of this one so I promptly went and checked it out at the library.  This book used the Gregorc Model and I identified strongly with both the CS (concrete sequential) and CR (concrete random).  The chapter on CR was particularly eye-opening because it felt like the author had observed Kiki and I’s battle of the wills.

There is a chapter on “How we concentrate”.  Do we like it quiet or noisy?  Clean organized area or messy is just fine?  Bright light or dull?  At a desk, on the floor, on a bed, etc.  I am so glad my parents did not force a particular studying environment on me.  I studied quite well on my bed in the quiet with no distractions (radio, food, etc).

This is me organizing the homeschool stuff.  When I stood up I started laughing because I was comfortable and working quickly while on the floor.  It did not occur to me to go to the kitchen table.

The girls keeping busy while I organized.


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