Budding Artists

When we look for a house to buy we tend to look at bank owned homes.  They usually are not in the greatest condition, but we do not mind because we like the deal.

Often I would see a kids room with writing all over the walls.  It looked terrible.  I would wonder why the parents never did anything about it.   God must be teaching me to be humble and not think myself better than others.  Lately my girls have been amazingly ornery and naughty.  Here is their latest adventure:  pen drawings.

On the walls – notice the smiley face!

(might be hard to see, but it all along the length of the wall)

On the other wall and the door.

On the column in the middle of the room (who designed this house?)

And finally on the mattress.

Sigh.  Now I know why those houses had drawings left on their walls.  It does not comes off!  If someone knows how to get pen marks off let me know.  Some day we will get around to painting over it.  The rest of the house needs to be painted again anyway so why not add this room to the list.  Right before we put it on the market again.  Before then, what is the point?  Why create more work for myself by having to paint more than once.

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