Quiet moments

It’s nice to remember good moments like these.  Reading with Grandpa.  We had a business event to go to and Grandpa was so gracious to watch the girls.  I feel calm as I look at this picture.

Much different than how I felt an hour before this picture was taken.  My facebook status sums it up:  I love my kids but some days I’m just being driven to insanity 3x faster.

After naps I gave the girls a bath.  A few hours later we are in the midst of getting ourselves ready to leave and getting the girls ready for bed.  Someone got the Vaseline down.  Someones took it upstairs and proceeded to play with it more than half the tube.  Kiki’s bed was the chosen spot to play, hopefully Vaseline comes out of sheets better than chapstick grease.  Lulu was covered.  I did not have time to give her another bath so I attempted to rinse her hair out.  Vaseline does not rinse.   She looks like I have not washed her hair in months.

The next morning I washed her hair properly.  As I was blow drying I kept thinking it is not drying.  After a while I realized that Vaseline was STILL in her hair.  What does it take to get rid of it?  Hopefully another wash will do the trick.

Let’s go back and look at the calm, serene photo of Kiki and Grandpa reading.  Feel my blood pressure return to normal.


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