Poor Man’s Recipes

When my Grandma would ask me what I wanted to eat I answered “macaroni and tomatoes”.  My mom says she was probably always glad to hear that because it is an easy and cheap meal.  My sister and I loved it.  It was simply cooked macaroni mixed with tomato juice, heat, and season with salt and pepper.  Yum!  My kids like it too I’m proud to say.  I call this the poor man’s spaghetti.

Since we are not feeling 100% in this household I made poor man’s chicken noodle soup, or as Kiki calls it “noodle soup”.  Heat some chicken broth and add cooked macaroni.  Here is Lulu thoroughly enjoying her soup at lunch.

I also made poor man’s rice pudding.  Heat milk and cooked rice.  Add sugar and cinnamon to taste.  Here is Kiki gobbling up her dish.

I call these poor man recipes because they are easy and cheap.  They can be fixed up to be more fancy but sometimes simple is good, even when it comes to food.

Supper was not a poor man’s meal but I have to share in light of Chinese New Year.  We did simple and fast hot pot as a family.  This was the first time either of the girls tried it because we were not sure they would like it yet.  I need not have worried because they ate it up and asked for more.

Soup with fish balls, lobster balls, and cabbage.  Hubby “grilled” us steak and fish cakes.


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