Unwelcomed Guest

The common cold has come visit.  It is day three for Lulu and she is showing signs of improvement.  Her nose is still runny but her energy is returning.  It is day two for me.  Yesterday I just had a little annoying sore throat but overnight (as I had to feed Guster) I notice it move into my nose.   Later in the day it settled into my chest.  It is day one for Kiki.  Her nose is runny and she said her “mouth hurt”.   Even my hubby has not completely escaped because he has pressure in his head.  Guster has a stuffy nose.  Seems even more sad and pathetic on a little baby.

We kept it pretty laid back so we could let our bodies heal in rest.  Girls snuggled with Daddy, which just happens to be his day off.  They also got a special treat – to watch T.V. 

I am keeping the broth and hot tea coming to soothe my throat.  Hopefully in a couple days this unwelcomed guest will leave.  So thankful we do not get sick often because it is misery.


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