Morning Mischief

Is it too much to ask that one morning I am not greeted with the mischief my girls dream up?  I should be grateful that normally it is just making a mess of their toy room and bedroom.  Other mornings end up like this.


This is my favorite pink nail polish.  When I walked into the living room I hoped that the smell of nail polish remover was something I had just overlooked the night before.  Of course I was just kidding myself.  Lulu greeted me first.  Isn’t she pretty?  Thankfully they had the sense to take off their pajamas so that no clothes were harmed in their fun.  The downside is the bare skin is a larger canvas to paint so it was not only on hands and feet but legs, shoulders, back, and torso.

After breakfast they went back upstairs to play.  A little while later Lulu starts crying.  She comes to me and her whole head is glossy.  The soap was stinging her eyes.  Sigh.  I called Keturah to come to the bathroom and get cleaned up too because you just know they both look like this.

Yes, they were trying to clean the nail polish off by themselves.  Wasn’t that so nice of them?  An investigation of the upstairs revealed that the soap seemed to be contained to just Lulu’s bed.  Phew.

All this before 8:00am.


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