2012 Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year holds a special place in my heart since I grew up in Taiwan.  I remember the fireworks and firecrackers the most.  My sleep-deprived baby brain cannot remember specifics at the moment but there were other fun festivities and food too.

There is not much in the way of celebrating this holiday in this corner of the world.  I will consume some yummy Chinese-American food at some point.  I also try to do something special with my kids in honor of it.    Since it is the year of the dragon we did a dragon craft.  I got the idea from http://crazymommy.weblogs.us/2011/02/03/another-dragon-craft-with-template/

Here they are coloring their dragon head and tail.

Lulu, typical for her age, found it difficult to coordinate holding up her finished product and smiling while looking at the camera.  Kiki was proud to show off her “beautiful” dragon.  Then they put on their chinese shirts.



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