Out in the Cold

The house felt awfully cold when we walked into it after church.  The thermostat said it was 61 degrees.  We keep it on the cool side but not this cool.  The air started blowing and we realized it was cold air.  My hubby confirmed that the furnace pilot light (or whatever it is called) would not turn on.  Thankfully our furnace company makes Sunday house calls.  It took over three hours before heat started blowing through the vents again.  I basically spent those three hours under a blanket with a little portable heater running its little heart out to try and warm up the living room.  After naps the kids all joined me on the couch.

Seriously, no sooner had the furnace man left our house when we lost power!  We were without heat again.  This time there was no little portable heater to help out either.  The sun dropped and the temperature dropped.  An old fashioned log fire place and gas stove were sounding pretty smart.

You know how it feels like it takes so long to do anything when you are camping and you get tired early, that is how we felt.  I kept telling myself how much I enjoy camping (I really do) so this was not so bad.  It sorta helped my attitude.

Girls ate peanut butter and honey or jelly on tortillas, potato chips, and kiwi by lantern light.  We read books by flashlight before bed.  Brushed teeth by the flashing light of their toothbrushes (ok, so this is normal).  Then piled on the blankets for bedtime.

Then my hubby had the brilliant idea of grilling our food.  Even though it was a cold winter night he grilled hotdogs, onions, and beans for us.  I was literally on my last bite of food when the power came back on.  We were without power for three hours but it felt like so much longer.  So thankful for heat and electricity!


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