Naptime fun

OK, so here is to keeping it real.  I was not sure I was going to brave enough to post this, but decided this is hardly news to other moms.  Here goes …

It was naptime.  No naps were happening.  I could hear both girls making noises.  This is nothing new for Kiki,  but this was the first time Lulu had not napped.  When naptime was over I grabbed the camera and headed upstairs to get Lulu.  The smell assaulted my nose when I reached the top of the stairs and my heart dropped.  Now I knew why she had not been napping.  I have heard of this happening to other mothers, but up until now my children had never gone down this path.

Yes, that is what you think it is.

There is not enough sanitizer.

I scrubbed so much that I took the paint off the door.  It’s yellow under the white paint.

I haven’t stopped washing my hands.  Scalding water and a whole jar of soap.  Ok, so not really … yet.

Can you tell that this totally grosses me out?  Oh the joys of potty training.  Kiki never did anything like this.  Not once.  It is fascinating how different we all are and I love it.  Although I can do without this particular potty training adventure again.

During this same naptime, my other little angel got into my hubby’s chapstick.  All three of them.  Then being a good girl she tried to clean up after herself and got herself all wet.  There was a big spot on our sheets that I thought was water due to her trying to cover up her mess (“clean up”).  After washing it I realize it was instead chapstick grease and it did not come out.

It’s been a good day.

A taste your kids will love.


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