Tea and insurance

Snack time is one of the best parts of a day for a kid.  It is made even better when served on little colorful plates, cups, and teapot.

Both sets of grandmas turn snack time into a tea party and it is such a special treat.   This particular picture was taken at my in-laws.  We are blessed and thankful to have relatives in town that help us out.

I had a meeting with a life insurance agent to get our policy updated.  It crossed my mind to bring my checkbook but the thought was fleeting.  Besides, the agent did not say I should bring it with me.  At the conclusion of my meeting he, of course, asked if I had my checkbook.

Me:  Um, no, but I can mail it to you.

Agent:  Well, the policy (had to be about 100 pages long with just as many signatures spots for me) is dated today, so you see I need the check today, and do you think you could run home and bring the check back today by 4:30?

Me:  Sure, no problem.  Let me take another hour out of my day to do that for you.  It is totally my fault that I did not bring the checkbook.

As I pulled up next to my house I noticed a dog in the backyard.  Our dog.  What in the world is Miki doing in the backyard?  How did she get out of the house?  Slowly the light bulb went off in my brain.  Did I really forget to bring the dogs inside before I left the house?  That was several hours ago and winter’s cold grip has taken hold of this town.  In the end, it was a blessing in disguise that I did not bring my checkbook and had to go home.


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