Dreams from Family Fun

There are so many interesting things in the Family Fun magazine.  I have enjoyed getting it for the past several years.  As you can see, the girls enjoy looking at all the pictures.  Dora is a favorite right now so they spent most of their time looking at that ad.

I dog-ear the pages that contain something that I would like to go back to and try.  Mostly they are just dreams because I never actually get around to doing any of them!  I commend those people the magazine showcases who make the crafts, take a picture, and send it in.

What are my dreams from this month’s magazine?  First, a trip to Ouray, Colorado to swim in their hot springs pool.  That sounds particular good when the thermometer confirms that it is freezing outside.  Brrrrr.  I can just picture swimming in the hot springs, under a starry night, surrounded by moutains.  That is the word picture they painted and I can see myself there.

Second, bake and eat a Mardis Gras king cake.  I haven no idea if it tastes good, but it’s “cake” and it looks so pretty in the picture.  Gold, purple, and green sparkly sugar on top.

Third, solution ideas for how to get your kids happy to help with housework.  Ha!  It’s worth a shot to try the flashlight game.  I would not be able to do it too often but every once and a while so that it remained special and fun.  Perhaps then it might actually work to create a cheerful toy picker-upper.  Like I said, these are my dreams.

Lastly, there are numerous activities that look like fun.    Two ideas stand out to me.  First coloring in the snow with food coloring.  I like this idea so much that, who knows, I might actually do this one … if I ever get around to buying food coloring and spray bottles.   Often the magazine gives party ideas.  I especially like winter party ideas because in the Midwest we always need ideas to beat the winter blues.  The second idea comes from the winter party and it is to turn a person into a snowman.  All you need in toilet paper to mummify them, scarf, hat, and big black construction paper buttons.  I have all these things!  Hmmm, maybe we will actually do this one.  If I do I will take a picture and post it.  Maybe I will even be ambitious enough to send it in to the magazine!

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