Homeschool Groove

It has been almost a year that I started homeschooling Kiki.  Shortly after she turned three we started “preschool”.   We have a very relaxed approach so I can try and instill a love for learning.  That is the goal anyway.  Also she is young and more formal homeschooling can come later in my mind.

Since the birth of baby Guster and Christmas we have, understandably, not being doing much in the way of school.  Thankfully preschool material is no pressure, just laying a foundation.  Now I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  Create some normalcy and routine again.

Kiki loves to “homeschool”, but finding a good time to do it right now is proving challenging.  I aim for three times a week for a short amount of time.  We are doing good if we get in one or even two times a week right now.    At the moment the best time of day seems to be before bedtime, after Lulu has gone to bed.

We do have a room decidated to school.  It is the sunroom, which is off our bedroom.  I do not like being there at night, too dark.  Also in the winter it can be a little too cold, even with a heater.  So we improvise and use the living room.  This is the picture above.

It is so much fun to watch her learn.  One day she will finally “get it”, something that she had been struggling with understanding for a while.  I am certainly not a perfect teacher.  As relaxed as I try to be there are days when the teacher in me tries to push her more than necessary.  Of course she just shuts down when I do that.  Usually we just stop for the day and then I take some time to evaluate where she is at versus where I wish she were.  Then I come up with other ideas to teach the material that might be better suited for her.  I have no idea how long I will homeschool, but we enjoy it and as long as it is a good fit for this family then I think I will choose to homeschool.

Only the best vitamins for children.

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