Moldy pictures

A month ago Guster was born.  My wonderful hubby was able to take off to be home for the first week. I do not remember what prompted  him to be in the cellar and looking in the boxes but I am so glad he did.

We have a cellar off our basement.  Our yard is above it, no house.  Perhaps this is why it has water issues.  We have been in this house for over five years.  After a few years we had one spring and summer that was extra rainy and it flooded our cellar a couple times.  So we sealed it.  That was a couple years ago and we had not had any more problems.  Until this past August.

In August we were vacationing in Colorado.  We had a lovely young woman house and dog sitting for us.  Our house was on the market and was having a showing.  As this lovely young woman was cleaning up she went into the basement and discovered that our cellar was flooded.  It had rained the day before but we had not been having a lot of rain so we were shocked to hear this.   She was so nice, got it cleaned up, and we all went on our merry way.  It has not flooded again since.

This brings me back to a month ago when my hubby was in the cellar.  He opened a box that housed his music CDs and discovered mold.  So he checked other boxes.  What he found was that all the boxes on the bottom had mold inside.  Mind you, these are plastic bins so we thought our stuff would be protected.

He salvaged what he could and asked me what I would like done with all my pictures and albums.  They were in bad shape he thought but we decided to set them out, let them dry out, and come back to them later to see if any individual pictures might be saved.  For the past month I have thought of what pictures I probably had lost.  Everything prior to getting married when we got our first digital camera.   Pictures of my childhood in Taiwan, my high school senior trip to Europe, my  missions/internship trips to Mexico, Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and Bahamas, my college years, and our wedding album.

Our wedding album.  Thankfully we discovered right away that God had preserved those.  Thank you Lord!

Sunday I finally got around to looking at the pictures (drying out on the steps leading out of our basement).  It was a warm enough day to have the basement door opened and not freeze to death.  I put on grubby clothes, rubber gloves, and a mask.  They were in bad shape.  Only a handful were salvageable.

Some pictures (like this of me in Chinese Kindergarten) looked great, however as I peeled back the plastic cover it started to distort the picture.  I stopped before I completely ruined it and grabbed our camera.  Then it dawned on me to just take a picture of all the pictures that held special memories before I tossed them in the trash.  Here are some more pictures 🙂

Primary mode of family transporation in Taiwan

My sister and I getting baptized by my Dad in the Taiwan Strait

Mmmmm, roasting pigs

I took over 200 pictures.  I have one or two more albums to go through still.  This was a blessing in disguise.  It is not ideal to have these kinds of pictures to show my kids but at the same time they are digital now and that is a lot easier to store than heavy boxes.  Forced to simplify.

Most complete liquid nutrition.


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