Popcorn Chili

When I was growing up I remember one particularly special meal my mom would make.   Popcorn soup.  It was special because we rarely had it even though I remember asking for it often.

Recently this memory came to mind and I have not been able to get rid of it.  My hubby is not a big soup eater so I did not mention to him … at first.  Once I realized that I was not going to put this craving aside until I had it again, I brought it up.  It was not met with enthusiasm.

Still I could not get it out of my head.  I mentioned it to Kiki who has kept me accountable that one day she too would have popcorn soup (because she mentioned every day since I told her).

Yesterday and today the weather is frightfully cold.  We are talking single digits and windchills before zero.   Brrrrr.  Perfect for a warm bowl of chili and gooey cinnamon rolls last night*.  Perfect for leftovers at lunch today.  Then I had the brilliant idea of adding popcorn to the chili.  I’m glad to say it was a hit.

*If that combination sounds perfect to you, then you might be from Nebraska!


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