Taking a new turn

This blog is going to take a different turn.  It will become more of a mom blog.   I was inspired by two other mom blogs.

One is http://www.ernieandmichelle.blogspot.com/ when last year she had project 365P – to take a picture every day.  That will be my goal too, and post it to show daily life in the Wilson household.

Second is http://floakes.blogspot.com/2012/01/beauty-and-mess.html where she posted about how life isn’t perfect.  That is my second goal, to not be afraid to show the imperfect side of life (especially with children).

Since it’ll be a look at our daily lives I’ll still include what I do in my minimalist and financial freedom ventures.  I wish I had taken a picture of the boxes of clothes and toys that were removed from this house.  They merely got a new home in the garage for the time being, but they are not covering the floor while the littles throw screaming fits over cleaning them up.

Update:  newest addition to our family.  Lil’ G

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