Creative Cakes

Did you ever feel like your sibling got the better deal than you?  I’m pretty sure that was the case for me growing up.  My sister did not believe me until one birthday when she received a camera for a present.  She had not asked for one but knew that I had asked for one several months before when it was my birthday (and did not get it).  At the time I was not amused but now I can look back and laugh.

My girls’ birthdays are coming up next month.  I was reminiscing about cakes with my family when it dawned on me that once again my sister got the better deal!  One birthday she got a panda bear cake (vertical not flat on the table, in the shape of a panda).  Another birthday she got a barbie cake (barbie figure with a cake skirt).  What did I get?  My mother made me a fish cake one year.  It laid flat on the table and she cut it in the shape of a fish.  It was no panda or barbie cake.   The redeeming factor is that my fish cake was the only creative cake my mom made.  My sister’s cakes were bought.

As you can see, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Apparently I have my mother’s creative cake abilities!  Thankfully, like myself all those years ago, my family did not care that our New Years cake was not more creative.  They were just happy to have cake.  Perhaps one day I will actually make something awesome … but I will not hold my breath.  Happy New Year!

Only the best vitamins for children.


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