Back to square one

This blog is also about our journey to financial freedom.  Posts on this topic are few because we mostly felt like we were going in circles.  Every time we started to move forward something would happen and send us back to square one.  Not enough money.  Having financial investors pull out.   Sellers not willing to negotiate on their overpriced business.

Once again we have been sent back to square one.  Then we were given the opportunity to take Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey).   We are now half way through the course and loving it.  As frustrating as it was for us to not move forward like we wanted in our journey so far, we see that God has bigger plans.  He is watching out for us and I’m so thankful for that.  I am excited to see what adventures are in store for us.

Buying a business or mobile home park has been put on the back burner for at least a full year.  I mentioned a while ago that we had network marketing business already.  We are going to pursue that at this time while we move through Ramsey’s “baby steps”.

KISS – Keep it simple silly.  Not just with every day life and  possessions but with finances too.

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