When seasons collide

Autumn has arrived.  This means cool mornings and evenings but warm afternoons.  Thus the need for both winter and summer clothes in the closet.  Maybe other minimalists have this under control but during these times of weather changes our closets do not reflect minimalism.  Not to mention the boxes cluttering the living room.

Another season in coming to this household.  New baby season.  Yep, we are adding baby #3 to the family.  This time it is a boy.  It feels like starting over in some ways as we prepare for our new bundle.  All our boxes of pink and purple clothes will not go over so well with the male population.  Now, blue and green piles of clothes are stowed away in the closet waiting to be worn.

Clothes are oozing from this house it feels like.  Before I know it, however, winter will be in full swing.  The summer clothes will be boxed away again.  Those tiny blue and green outfits will be covering a little body.  Order will be restored … until spring.

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