I recently read a book that said something like “our experiences influence us but don’t determine us.”*  I like that.  Good things and bad things will happen and while it will have an impact on us, we have the freedom of choice as to how much we let it determine who we become.  So I started thinking, what are my experiences?  How have I let those experiences merely influence or also determine me?

It is interesting how some books I have read recently have shaped my life.  Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series impacted my mindset about finances (as I have noted in previous posts).  Of course I was influenced (and allowed to determine) by minimalist blogs.  The latest books I have been reading, by John Rosemond, are about child-rearing.  He says child-rearing doesn’t have to be “hard”.  That appeals to the minimalist in me.  Let’s keep all aspects of life simple!

The greatest influence and determiner of my life has been God and the Bible.  Without Him I would be lost.  Through His word I can make sense out of life.

Since this new year has begun several things have happened.  First, we switched from looking for a mobile home park to invest in to looking for a local business to buy.  Not because we no longer want a mobile home park (we still would love to own one) but because we found an investor willing to help us with purchasing a business.  There was a business that we were serious about buying when the seller decided not to sell, so we are back to square one it feels like.  Second, we have our house on the market.  There has been plenty of interest but no bites.  I have a peace about it and know that God will allow it all to work out for the best in His timing.

I wonder how life would be different though if I had not been influenced and allowed my experiences to determine me.  Perhaps we would not be seeking financial freedom.  Life would continue to get more and more cluttered, squeezing the breath out of it. Parenting would be all-consuming, pushing marriage to the fringe.

I’m happy with the way my experiences have determined my life!

*Rosemond, John.  Don’t remember which book but maybe “Parenting by the Book”

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