How do you get it all done?

This “semester” I joined MOPS for the first time.  I take my three year old while my mother-in-law watchs my one year old, who is having nap time.  This past week I was working in Mopettes (nursery/child care) with another gal who I had never met before.  We were chatting about sleep schedules and mentioned that I try to get to bed around 9pm every night.  She asked “how do you get it all done” if I go to bed so early?  I shrugged my shoulders and said somehow it gets done.

That question stuck with me.  How do I get it all done?  Is it my personality?  I like to be organized.  I like to have projects because they help me make better use of my time.  I am morning person and with the help of my girls I am awake by6 every morning.

Later I started thinking, what is “all”?  Then it struck me.  When you live a simpler life it is not so hard to get it “all” done!  I’m not trying to run in a million different directions all day.  Some days are busier than others but I try to limit myself to only a few important tasks each day.  The rest of the day is spent enjoying life and family.

Ahhh, the simple life is good.


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