A Rational Minimualist Christmas

Halloween is gone and Thanksgiving is in just a couple weeks.  That means that Christmas is just around the corner.  I’ve been thinking alot about how Christmas will fit into our new minimalist/simple life.

1.  http://www.becomingminimalist.com/ – Joshua Becker’s ebook “Simplify”.  In his book he tells how they decided not to force relatives to give less.  His relatives like to show their love through gifts and our families are no less different.  After the dust has settled and the kids have had a chance to play with the new toys, then they reevaluate.  Which toys are the kids actually playing with and using?  Which toys can now be decluttered because there are new toys?  The same could go for anything adults get, which old items are now not needed/used because there is something new to replace it? Be diligent and actually get rid of it!

2.  http://www.bemorewithless.com/ – Courtney Carver had a guest post, Melissa Gorzelanczyk “5 ways to have  a rich Christmas without spending more.”  I  particularly liked “have a season of experiences” and “help others enjoy christmas”.  Instead of buying another item she suggests using that money to DO something together, experience.  I love experiences over things so I LOVE this suggestion.  In fact, I told my hubby last night that I want my hobby to be travel and pictures to document our experiences together (yikes, expensive hobby).

3.  So what are my ideas of incorporating a simple Christmas? Here are a few things.   The ages of our girls are taken into consideration and Kiki is finally old enough to start understanding helping others.  First thing was last week.  We have a little girl we sponsor monthly who lives in Columbia.  I showed Kiki her picture and told her we were sending her a card and money for Christmas.  Kiki was excited and wanted to give her something, so we traced her hand in the card.  For two days Kiki kept talking about giving the little girl her hand and how she wanted to go play with her.   Second thing is this weekend.  I have a college friend who is working with our military overseas.  Last Christmas she gave Christmas gifts and found out that for some people that was the only gift they received.  This year she started a project “Adopt an Airman”.  I am touched to be apart of this.  This weekend I am taking the girls shopping to find a gift to send.  Again, I will show Kiki the picture and explain what we are doing.  Third, for the first time in my life I plan on giving out plates of Christmas cookies.  I am looking forward to giving them to our neighbors.  Fourth, simplify!  Christmas is my favorite holiday so I have a lot of decorations.  This year I am going to try a simplier decor style of just those things I really like.  There will be presents under the tree, but I am sticking with what I’ve already gotten for the girls and not any more and a budget for the rest of the family.  I am looking forward to seeing my family who are all coming in from out of town.  I haven’t seen my sister since last Christmas and she hasn’t met her newest niece in person yet.  It will be good to just be together.  We usually do not have a lot of parties to go so that has never been an issue for us.  The only “parties” usually are Christmas family get-togethers with my hubby’s different relatives.  I’m always happy to be apart of those gatherings because I believe knowing your family is important.  http://manvsdebt.com/, Adam Baker, has been talking about living intentionally.  It’s a good reminder.


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