The beginning of an adventure

There are so many different things a person can choose to do to attain financial freedom.  Here is our journey story:

Within a few years after getting married we knew that we wanted to do pursue financial freedom.  There are so many different things a person can choose to do, so what was our venue?  We started by looking at businesses for sale through a broker company.  We did this several times over a couple years.  We made several offers that didn’t pan out, which at the time were disheartening but now I’m glad.

Next we got involved in MLM (multi-level marketing).  Actually we still have this but don’t see this as our path to financial freedom.

During this whole time we bought a house and fixed it up.  Then we bought another house that was deemed by the bank as uninhabitable.  It took us 6 months to get it to the point where it was livable .  We contemplated selling it or renting it but ended up moving into it ourselves and sold the other house.

We discovered we LIKED real estate.  It is fascinating.  The next step was to figure out which kind of real estate investing would be the most ideal for us to pursue.  To help us decide we took classes.  We learned about wholesaling, lease options, mobile homes, and tax liens.  Other classes included creative financing, management, and asset protection.  Throughout it all we kept coming back to mobile homes, more specifically mobile home PARKS.  Now we were excited, this is what we wanted to do!  Once that decision was made we started learning all we could able the industry through an industry specific magazine, talking to people, and more classes.

We did try taking some stock classes this summer to be well-rounded.  We  learned very quickly that was not for us and to stick with what we already knew and loved.

That is our JOURNEY to discovering our asset of choice for pursuing financial freedom.

A park we looked at buying a year ago in PA.


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