Socks and recipes

The other day I read “Do Minimalists Go Commando?”  It was amusing but hit home because the sock situation in this household is out of control.  Why we are still holding on to socks with holes in them is beyond me.  Laziness at it’s peak really.  I think my daughters could wear a different pair of socks each day for a month before running out.  My hubby too.

I chuckled at her article and went on my merry way.  That is, until I was putting away laundry later the next day.  I had been mulling over what she said and decided today is the day that I would tame the dresser drawers in my bedroom.  Out went everything with holes in them.  Out went everything that hadn’t been worn in a long time.  Out went the excess of socks.  My hubby had a dresser drawer FULLY devoted to nothing but socks.  At one time there were so many in there that it could barely shut.  It is actually better now but still too many.  I sorted through them and kept all the ones he wears for work, for basketball, etc.  That night he opened the drawer and said “this drawer doesn’t look right.”  I laughed.  He’s used to me spontaneously getting rid of things.

Decluttering is contagious.  Later in the day I was looking for a recipe.  I have a whole shelf in the kitchen full of cookbooks and recipes.  It drives my hubby crazy and it didn’t help that it came tumbling down on him last week!  Yesterday I had had enough.  Half these cookbooks I don’t use so why in the world am I holding on to them?!  I cleaned out the shelf and left only those that I actually use.  Ahhhh, looks so much better and I feel the freedom of less stuff!


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