Maximizing my Minimalist Learning

Who knew there was this whole world out there of minimalist?!  I did not realize it was any kind of big deal when we decide to do this thing.  I’ve become fascinated by what others are doing to simplify their lives.  I wonder, what is being done that I haven’t thought of and could try?

There are a bunch of minimalist blogs but so far I’ve found that I like these the best.

I’m particular interested in diving more into that last one.  It’s a new one to me but it looks very practical and I like practical.  Perhaps it’ll inspire me to find more ways to declutter that I haven’t already thought of or have been avoiding … like that closet at the top of the steps.  She seems to put emphasis on organization which is another thing I love.  Even though I love it, some areas get neglected … like that “junk drawer” that has oozed it’s way out onto the counter.  (see above picture)

So how am I doing …

I’m still having trouble getting rid of some things because I want to get money for them but they just aren’t selling.  It’s frustrating.  I’m proud that I did let go of several boxes worth of stuff.  Well, they are currently sitting in the back of the van waiting for me to donate them.  The main thing is that I’ve let go emotionally, now it’s just a matter of taking the time to do it!

Emotionally letting go is major step in the path to decluttering.  The more I get rid of, the more I realize the sentimental value of the items still left in the house.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about getting rid of everything and ripping your heart out, but I also don’t want a bunch of pins from when I was in middle school either.  It’s just clutter now and taking up space in a box which is taking up space in my basement.  Let me close with this example.  When I was going through said closet at the top of the stairs (which still needs a lot of work) I rediscovered my stamps.  When I was going through the boxes in the basement I rediscovered my stamps.  I have a lot of stamps.  It was a hobby of mine when I was younger and then I inherited my grandmas’ stamp collections.  While I still find them interesting it is not a hobby of mine anymore.  I made the hard decision to let go.  So now I’m organizing them so that I can get some bids of what collectors think they are worth.  There are a handful that I am keeping because they have special meaning but to the rest I say GOOD-BYE!

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