Why financial freedom?

My journey to financial freedom began the summer before I got married.  My mom handed me a book and said she thought I would like it.  It was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.  This book opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.  Up until I finished reading that book I had just assumed life was about getting an education so that you can find a job that will pay you.  Only in my vaguest of dreams did I even remotely consider another path.  Since then I have read most all of his other books as well as many of his advisor book series.

Robert Kiyosaki calls himself a slow learner, but sometimes I think I have him beat.  It took about five years before we took our first real step on the path to financial freedom.  It’s now been about two years.  What have we done?  What have we learned?  What we’ve done is  take different classes to figure out what venue best suited us (more details in a later post).

What have we learned?

1. What is financial freedom?  I suppose financial freedom means something different to each individual.  To us, it means that our passive income covers our living expenses, our budget.  Our budget being a clear snapshot of where our money goes (every penny) each month (hmmm, another good topic for a post).

2. What exactly is passive income?  To us, it meas money that comes in whether we work or not.  For example if my hubby doesn’t go to work and log in his allotted hours he wouldn’t get a paycheck.  Or maybe you have a business but you are the one with the expertise so you do all the work.  If you don’t work then you don’t get paid.  Passive income on the other hand would be like having your own business but you have employees so that you don’t HAVE to go to work, but money is still being made so that you are paid.  That is the goal we strive for.

3. Kiyosaki talks about understanding your why.  Why do you want financial freedom?  When you know this you can hold on to that thought when the going gets tough.  Our WHY boils down to we don’t want to end up like our parents.  Meaning, we are now watching them struggle with unemployment, with not being able to get another job and that is something we’d prefer to avoid, God willing.

4. I would be lying if I didn’t say that we don’t struggle with our desire to be financially free.  For whatever reason it seems ingrained in us, in churches, that is it more godly to be poor and to have money is a sin.  I do not find anywhere in the Bible where God says this.  What I do find are warnings about our attitude towards money.  So we are constantly checking ourselves to make sure we doing what God wants.  We do what we can now with the money we get each month to further the Kingdom but we desire to do so much more.  I long to be able to have the freedom to give money without a care and the freedom to give of our time because we aren’t tied down to a 8-5 job.  It’d be a dream come true and our other WHY.

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