Clothing challenge

That’s it.  That’s pretty much my wardrobe for Project 333.

I am a very recent follower of Courtney Carver’s blog Be More with Less.   I just saw today that she has a clothing challenge: Project 333.   The challenge is to only wear 33 items for the next 3 moths (Oct 1 – Dec 31).   The rules state that clothing items include accessories, shoes, and outerwear.  It does not include wedding rings, underwear, socks, sleepwear, lounge wear, and work out clothes to be worn only during working out.  After selecting your items you are to pack up the rest and get it out of the closet.

The sun is shining and just finished my week of full-time substitute teaching so I’m feeling good.  I feel up for a challenge.  I hope I don’t regret this!  I’ve gone through my closet and selected 33 items.  The trick was to keep some summer clothes but plan for those cold winter weeks just around the corner!  Here goes:

1.  square “diamond” earrings (not pictured)

2.  silver square loop earrings (not pictured)

3.  red winter coat- hope I don’t regret not picking the one with a hood

4.  brown fleece gloves

5.  gray sweat jacket

6. – 7.  jeans (not pictured)

8.  khaki shorts

9.  black dress shirt 3/4 sleeve

10.  black capris

11.  blue dress button up shirt

12.  gray cami

13. white cami

14.  black sandals

15.  dark tennis shoes

16.  black boots

17.  Husker shirt

18.  gray stripe long-sleeve shirt

19.  blue long-sleeve shirt

20.  green short-sleeve shirt

21.  purple stripe long-sleeve shirt

22.  dress khakis

23.  black sweater

24.  purple-blue stripe sweater

25.  – 26.  red sweaters (one not pictured)

27.  purple dress shirt

28.  black collared long-sleeve shirt

29.  black long-sleeve shirt

30.  white short-sleeve shirt

31.  blue short-sleeve shirt

32.  Husker jacket

33.  intentionally left open so I can buy ONE more item in the next three months

I’m excited!  I like a good challenge.  I like that it has an end date because I might be very sick of these clothes by the end of the year.  I KNOW I’ll be tired of wearing the same two pairs of earrings!  At the same time, don’t you find that you usually end up wearing a lot of same items anyways?  So what’s the point of having so many clothes cluttering the closet?  Just in case?  Let’s be honest, maybe a few items you’d be glad to have around when that “just in case” event occurs but ALL those clothes won’t fall under that category.

Now … do I dare try this with the kids clothes???  I’ll have to think about that one.


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