Finally taking the leap

I have resisted having my own blog.  “Facebook is plenty for me to keep up with,” I always said.  There’s too much going on in my life, why in the world would I want to add another thing to my to-do list?  Yet, here I am starting a blog.  It was only a matter of time really because I have always enjoyed writing.  Writing is theraputic for me.  This blog is just my thoughts and experiences about my daily life, struggles and dreams.  Perhaps you can learn something from my trial and errors.  If you read this and think “been there, done that” then by all means let me know what you’ve learned from your experience so that I can learn too.

Introductions are in order.  I am married.  We will celebrate 7 years in just a couple days.  My hubby is a wonderful man who loves God and works/plays hard.  We have two beautiful daughters.  They are such a joy and my heart bursts with love and happiness when I think of them.  Kiki is 2 1/2 and Lulu is 7 months.  I am priviledged to be able to stay home to raise them.  What I have been surprised by is how much I actually enjoy it and even MORE so when the second one came along.  Am I crazy?  I can’t forget that we have two dogs as well.  Lucy, 4 1/2, is our high energy black and tan coonhound.  Miki, 9ish, is a mutt but definitely has herding blood.  We live in the midwest, the same town where my hubby was born and raised.  I was born and raised in Taiwan where my parents were missionaries.  It was a childhood I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Now with a hubby, a house, two kids and two dogs I keep pretty occupied.  While that is a very big part of my life, it is not my whole life.  We are trying to achieve financial freedom.  We are trying to simplify our life (become minimalists).  We are trying to do what God wants us to do.  This blog will follow our journey to accomplish this and hopefully help keep me accountable along the way.

And because I think pictures make a blog more interesting …

my girls




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